Financial Services

Windia is registered as a Non- banking Finance Company(NBFC) with RBI since 2008.

Windia Objects are: To carry on the business of financing industrial enterprises, Infrastructure projects, trade and business, to advance, deposit or lend money and properties to or with any company, body corporate, firm, person or association on such terms as may seem expedient to discount, buy, sell and deal in bills, notes warrants, coupons import entitlements and other negotiable or transferable securities or documents, to provide performance guarantee for infrastructure projects, to guarantee or become liable for the payment of money or for the performance of obligations and generally to transact guarantees and / or Trust business. Provided the Company shall not carry on Banking business as defined by Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and subject to the provisions of the Companies Act, and directives of Reserve Bank of India.

To carry on and undertake the business of leasing and hire purchase finance company and to finance lease operations such as hiring, letting on hire equipment, plant and machinery and to assist finance of hire purchase or deferred payments or to subsidise finance or assist in subsidizing or financing the sale and maintenance of goods or commodities upon terms and conditions and to undertake leasing finance for immovable and movable properties including lands and buildings, plant and machinery, equipment and vehicles such as automobiles, ships, aircrafts, computers, commercial and industrial equipment and to lease and deal with them including sale and re-sale thereof.